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Platform Support

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The ideal solution for strong copy protection, IP protection and feature-based or pay-per-use licensing – Ranked #1 by IDC*

Unmatched Protection Against Software Piracy
  • Strong copy protection guarantees publishers get paid for every software copy: On-chip 128-bit AES encryption ensures a robust link between the application and the hardware key.
  • Powerful protection against hacker attacks: A secure communication channel between the HASP HL key and the application offers powerful resistance to middle layer attacks.
  • A secure, non PC-dependent external storage device: Store licenses, passwords, strings, and application dependent data in either protected read/write memory or ROM.
  • Easily identify authorized application users: HASP HL Pro features a unique ID number for every key.

Strong Intellectual Property Protection

  • Prevent industrial espionage and maintain competitive advantage: HASP SRM Envelope automatic file wrapper provides anti-reverse engineering, file encryption and code obfuscation to protect valuable algorithms and trade secrets.

Proven Quality and Performance

  • Reduces time-to-market: Easy-to-use role-based tools ensure the most efficient use of resources.
  • #1 choice of software developers worldwide since 2002*
  • ISO Certified: HASP HL keys are designed and manufactured under ISO 9001:2000, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Secure & Flexible Licensing

  • HASP HL Pro supports the following licensing models:
    – Perpetual: Once purchased, the software can be used indefinitely.
    – Feature-Based: Enable or disable product features based upon user needs and budget.
    – Pay-Per-Use: Use the HASP HL Pro memory counters to charge users for the number of times they use the application or certain features.
  • Flexibility to build custom licenses: Use the HASP HL Pro counters, secure memory, and unique ID to create the license models that best fit business needs.
  • Tamper-proof licenses: Aladdin’s unique LicenseOnChip™ technology embedded in each HASP HL Pro key ensures software licenses are protected by hardware.
  • Flexibility to update HASP HL Pro keys remotely: A powerful Remote Update System (RUS) sends encrypted and RSA digitally-signed license terms to users - ensuring secure updates of keys and licenses in the field.
Technical Specifications - HASP HL Pro
Unique ID 32-bit
Secure communication channel Yes
Cryptographic Algorithms  
AES, 128-bit
Remote Update Signing
Multiple encryption keys 64,000
Supported Licensing Models
Perpetual Yes
Feature-based Yes
Pay-per-use Yes
Custom Yes
Protected Read / Write Memory
112 bytes
Read only Memory (ROM)
112 bytes
Backward Compatibility Memory
112 bytes
Data retention at least 10 years
Write cycles at least 1,000,000
Max No. of features/applications enabled per key 39
Supported Platforms (end-user)
Operating Systems supported** Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP* SP2,
Windows XP Embedded,
Windows Server 2003* SP2,
Windows Server 2008*, Windows Vista* SP1, Mac OSX 10.4, Mac OSX 10.5
Supported Platforms (software vendor)
Development platforms supported** Windows XP w/SP2, Windows Server 2003,
Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.4, Mac OSX 10.5
Supported compilers (Runtime API) Visual Studio 2003, 2005
Supported programming languages 32-Bit:
C++ for MSVC 6, C++ for MSVC 7,
C++ for MSVC 8
Borland C++, COM, Delphi, Autocad
32 and 64-Bit:
.NET, Java, C for MSVC 8
For up-to-date interfaces and code samples
Physical Specifications
Catalog number 05782
Default color Purple
Connection type USB type A
Lines used Power, ground, 2 for data
Plastic case material Lexan 500R
Storage temperature 0° C to 70° C / 32° F to 158° F
Operating temperature 0° C to 70° C / 32° F to 158° F
Humidity rating (without condensation) 0-100%
Power consumption - operating / standby 50 mA / < 0.5 mA
Dimensions LxWxH (in mm) 40.5x16x8
Weight (in grams) 4.4
Safety certification CE, UL 1950
Environmental certification / compliance ISO 14001 / RoHS, WEEE
Quality certification ISO 9001:2000
Manufacturer's Warranty
Covers manufacturing & material defects 1 Year
ISO 9000 Designed and manufactured under ISO 9000:
ensuring consistent quality and performance.